Softlips lip balm: Pamper Yourself Review & Giveaway #glutenfree

Hi, I am Natalie a lip balm addict.  While I may be an addict, I don’t have the luxury of being relaxed when it comes to choosing a lip balm.  With Celiac Disease, something as simple as a contaminated lip balm could turn into a dire emergency.  There are lip balm brands that are gluten free, but they aren’t as easy to find since health products have even more undefined standards than food.  Not too mention, not all mainstream companies are willing to state gluten free on their products.  Wouldn’t it be great if us Celiacs (& other gluten free individuals) could just walk into just about any store (mass merchants included) for our lip balm?  Oh wait…

We can thanks to Softlips!

Softlips has been trusted for over 20 years.  However, just in time for Summer, Softlips has updated it’s look for a clean, simple, and balanced design with vibrant fields of color that pop!  Softlips combines SPF 20, moisturizing emollients with a sheer glossing effect, and a convenient, slim stick for easy stowing in pockets, purses, and make-up cases.  Softlips has several different lip balm lines from therapeutic to natural tinted lip balms/glosses.  Along with their new look, new flavors will be introduced this year!

To buy or learn more: visit their website or find it at many stores such as Wal-Mart, Ulta, and other retail/drugstores nationwide. Softlips retails for $2.79 ($3.99 dual packs)


As a mom (of all boys no less), I like to be able to add feminity into my normal routine.  Softlips provides that feminity from their slender design, lightweight feel, and their light flavors.  Softlips provides just the right amount of moisture without being greasy or waxy.  The flavors are vanilla, vanilla with a hint of mint, strawberry, cherry, wildberry, raspberry with green tea extract.  Softlips provided the traditional lip balm flavors we know and love, but then they go above & beyond to add some new flavors to our daily routine.  Lip balm is a great mini pampering along our journey of taking care of ourselves!

Thanks to Softlips one lucky winner will receive a Softlips Sampler!

includes: 6 dual packs of Softlips conditioning lip balm (The flavors are vanilla, vanilla with a hint of mint, strawberry, cherry, wildberry, raspberry with green tea extract)


Please note: I received samples for review purposes.  However, as always I provided my honest opinion.





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    I’ve only ever tried the Vanilla (which I love) and the Pearl Tint (which I also love). I didn’t know until I looked on the site that they have a mint one! I would love love love to try that.

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