Read with Max {Blog Book Tour} Pawographed Giveaway

I am so excited to be today’s stop on Max’s Pawsitively Exciting Blog Book Tour including over 30 wonderful blogs helping to raise awareness about Read with Max and that even dogs are capable of working too.  A little known fact about me is that I have struggled with my vision from a young age.  I admire the work that Max & Anthony do to help educate and advocate for the blind.  Kids can be curious about why people are the way they are.  Read with Max has the ability to teach kids what makes others unique and how to better relate to these unique qualities &/or situations.

Meet Max

Max is an award winning childrens book author who is dedicated to helping children manage similar experiences in their lives. Maximus, a.k.a “Max,” is an English Labrador who shares stories about his real life experiences from his point of view so children can relate too. You can purchase Max’s newest books, ask him questions, enter his contests, ask him for his paw-o-graph, shop, or share your own adventures at this website!  As if you needed any more excuses to buy these dog/human dynamic duo written books, part of the proceeds is donated to Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Meet Anthony

An award winning childrens book author Anthony Majewski was born in Detroit, Michigan.  Maximus inspired Anthony’s breakthrough award winning children’s book,“Dogs Move Too! From Max’s Point of View!” plus “Color with Max Activity and Coloring Book”. Anthony and his wife Julie intend to continue adding stories of Maximus and their other family pets in a children’s book series “Read with Max.” When Anthony is not working, he enjoys boating, playing racquetball, and of course spending time with his best friends, Maximus and Wrigley.

To learn more about Read with Max visit their website, facebook page, twitter, or blog or even better show your support by viewing the video below giving them a thumbs up for the Telly Award

Two Ways to Win:

1. Win $50.00 Cash Gift Cards Prizes for Following Each Of Our Tour Blog Stops. Every Day Each Blog Sites Will Post a “MAX” WORD OF THE DAY. Collect all of “Maxs” Words and at the end of the Book Blog Tour be the first two people to post it on: Read with Max blog site Winners will have to correctly write the entire sentence to qualify to win. GOOD LUCK!  P.S. “Max Word of the Day #23 “Tour”

2. As a Thank You, Max will also be sending one reader from Great Contradictions a coloring/activity book and one book of choice by author pawographed from Max and personalized to whoever you want~

Mandatory Entry:

For Giveaway #2 on my blog, Comment below with what you (or kids) like about dogs?

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I am promoting Read with Max as a part of their Blog Book Tour.  I received no compensation for my honest review.


  1. says

    Hello! This is Max! I am having such a great time here today! Thank you for being a part of my tour. I enjoyed meeting all the great people along the way.

    I hope you get a chance to vote for our video thats competiting in the Peoples Telly Awards. The competition is only open for two more days. So vote and vote often.

    Well, I be here all day today to answer any question you may have about me!

    About Me:
    I like to describe myself as 3’9″. I am stocky build. I like walks on the beach. I have hazel eyes. I like to cuddle, and listen very well. My hobbies include swimming, camping, and hanging out with family. Oh, I am sorry this isn’t the personal ads.

    Anyway, leave your comments and I look forward to responding.



  2. says

    My children love how canines tend to love everyone without being judgmental when they are still young. While we are not lucky enough to be dog owners just yet; they keep reminding me it needs to be soon. Just seeing my Elliot with my in-laws dogs is amazing. His face gets so bright and even though they are so big he gets pushed down, etc, he gets right back up.

    It is a great day at Mom to Bed by 8. Make sure to stop by and say, “hello” sometime.

    • says

      Teri and my new friend Elliot! Thats exciting you enjoy dogs. I sure some day you will enjoy sharing all the great adventures we enjoy with humans.

      Just remember when a dog pushs him down those are LOVE TAPS! he he he! Thanks for visiting!

      Hugs and Licks:


    • says

      Thank for visiting. Well, I love humans. Especially when their happy. I never give up trying to please especially children learning to read. Thank for visiting today! Hope to see you again soon along the tour.



  3. says

    Aww Max, I think I’m in love :) Keep up with the pawsome work you’re doing bud! (You too Anthony)

    Haha what doesn’t my daughter love about dogs and any canines. She’s always been around them; first with my lab mix Lucy who I got when I was only 11 but unfortunately passed away in 2008. Now we have two 5 year old Scottish Terriers, Dagwood and Blondie, and they are all best friends (even let the cat play sometimes.) My daughter also loves wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes, werewolves; if it’s a canine she adores them.

  4. says

    We love dogs because they can keep you warm and play, and be a good watch dog. We like big dogs small dogs, all kinds. Good giveaway.

  5. Casey says

    I love that dogs are loyal, and always have a smile for you. Great after a tough day. Although my family had dogs growing up, I’ve only had cats as an adult. Hope it’s changing this week…we applied to adopt a husky from a rescue league. Home visit this week…hope she joins our family.
    Casey recently posted..She Four!! She’s Four!!

  6. says

    We love that dogs are never in a bad mood, always ready to be with you. They’ll play, relax, whatever makes you happy makes them happy!

  7. says

    I like dogs that are really big, so it looks like a monster next to my 11 week old son. :)

    I ‘liked’ GC and RwM on FB

  8. says

    My kids love that our dogs are great cuddlers, and are very loving. My girls love to sit next to the dogs to read and play, and they are positive that the dogs are playing too.

  9. says

    We love everything about dogs. We have three (2 German Shepherd puppies and a 4 year old med. sized Terrier mix) They are part of our family. They break our heart every time one dies but we can’t live without them either. We lost 2 German Shepherd mixes young 6yr and 7 yrs from bone cancer and the other from Congestive Heart Failure. It was so hard on us all but after a year or so we had to bring another into our lives. They love us unconditionally and protect us and our homes

    my_2_cents at hotmail dot com

  10. says

    My 7 year old grandson would really love this. He loves dogs so much and really wants one but his dad and him just can’t have one right now. He loves that he can play with them and snuggle with them.