Make your own Dishwasher Detergent {B Kind 2 Earth ideas}

Washing dishes is a part of living and we won’t be stopping.  However, we need to be informed about what exactly we are putting into our household and environment as a whole.  There are more and more household products that claim to be “eco-friendly” or “green”, but you should be aware of what you should be avoiding to know if these products are what they say.  Here are the 3 main toxins in dish detergent:  phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum-based ingredients.

What is so bad about these 3 ingredients?

Phosphates (used to soften water):  Research has shown that some of the toxins from phosphates are neutralized after chemical treatment at sewage plant.  However, some still remains to pollute the environment.  As well as each time we wash dishes, we absorb these toxins especially with hot foods.

Chlorine (disinfectant): Releases toxic fumes that can possibly result in allergy &/or respiratory issues.  These fumes happen to be carcinogens that pollute the environment.

Petroleum-based ingredients: release toxins during production that pollute environment

What can we do?

Besides finding an excuse to stop washing our dishes, trust me I wish that was the answer with our endless dirty dishes.  Now that we know what to look out for when buying, we should attempt to find products that do not have phosphates, chlorine, or petroleum-based ingredients.

~or make our own~

DIY dishwasher detergent


1/4 c. citric acid (easily found at natural food stores or canning section in some mass merchant stores), 1 1/2 c. borax, and (optional) 15 drops of essential oils


Mix all ingredients then store in a sealed container.  Add 1 TBSP per load of dishes (use additional for pre-wash just like before).  Please note for dried on food, soak dishes.  Without the harsh chemicals, sometimes those dirtier dishes need a little more help.  However, I think this is a great substitute for the store-bought kind minus the toxins & environment pollution.

Feel inspired to make your own dishwasher detergent?  Let me know if you need any additional information or better yet go to B Kind 2 Earth to let them know what you are doing for Earth Day!

B Kind 2 Earth is not sponsoring this post.  However, as a state leader for B Kind 2 Earth, I am hoping to inspire people to find ways to help out on Earth day (& every day)!


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    Love the link! I am always looking for new ways for my family to give a little back and improve our lifestyle! Thanks for sharing! ~Just hopped over from the bunny-hop-blog-hop

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    Thanks for posting this. I will have to try this. We have been trying to go more natural. Returning your follow from The Bunny Blog Hop.

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    I was really shocked to find out what’s in dishwasher detergent and when I did, I immediately switched to the eco-friendly kind. This sounds SO easy to do, though, I think I’ll try making it myself next time I run out.

    Thanks for linking up with the Bunny Hop. I was already following your blog, but I thought I’d stop by anyway. 🙂
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