Manic Monday Mixer: Spring is here!

Spring is here!  Our weather in Oklahoma has gone from 70s to a blizzard to warm again and now cold.  I am looking forward to Spring weather to stay for good, so we can enjoy all that Spring has to offer.  To focus on the positive…

My top 5 springtime favorites are:

1. Spending more time outside:  After a rough winter, there is nothing better than interacting outside at the park, backyard, wherever!

2. Gardening:  While gardening is new to me, there is something magical about cooking with fresh herbs and soon fruits & vegetables.

3. Running:  I am not a winter runner.  It is no surprise that I dislike cold weather, so I allow myself a break from running during that time.  I have missed that quiet alone time running allows and the blooming flowers are just an added bonus.

4. Sunday morning picnics: There are not a lot of gluten free breakfast options.  We have created a family tradition where we pick a park and enjoy our breakfast there.  Last Sunday we had our first picnic since the nice weather is back.  It was great to get out and just be a family!

5. Grilling:  Grilling is one of my favorite ways to prepare dinner.  Part of that is how delicious it is and the other because my husband gives me a break by cooking dinner.

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What do you love about Spring? 

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