Postponed – Manic Monday Mixer: One Month Anniversary!

Here’s to another week of Manic Monday Mixer…Whether you need to add to your gfc, facebook, or twitter exposure, I’m glad you are here! To celebrate the unique nature of blogging, the people who sign up below me in spots 2 & 3 of each list will be my guest hosts. If you are the lucky guest hosts, send me a little about you, your blog, etc… so I can introduce you to the group! Feel free to link up in the GFC, Facebook, and/or Twitter section.  To celebrate MMM one month anniversary, I am going to be randomly choosing one participant to receive a $20 Amazon gift certificate (via email).

About Me: I am a sahm of 3 boys who have helped bring out my creative side. They have taught me so much about being grateful for the little things. I love being able to share my adventures in gluten free living (both the good & frustrating), saving money, and other creative outlets. I hope you enjoy my blog. Check out my 7 current giveaways! As always, I look forward to meeting to bloggers!

After that the general rules apply:

1. You must like the first 3 people on each list that you add a link to.
2. Please put link in appropriate section
3. If you like, help me spread the word of Manic Monday Mixer by tweeting:
Join @hippie_mom for One Month Anniversary of Manic Monday Mixer
to win $20 amazon gc #bloghop
4. Try to follow as many as you can
5. If someone follows you, please follow them back!
6. If you are a new follower, leave a comment so I make sure to follow you!
Due to technical issues with linky, I am postponing this event until February 21st (Amazon GC included next week). If you are interested in being a guest host, send me a message!


  1. CharB says

    Following you from Bloggy Moms. Glad I found you. It's been a couple months since switching myboys to GFCF diet & need frugal ideas since it's soo expensive. Would love to talk to you about traveling gluten free since I blog about traveling with my kids. Perhaps you'd be interested in writing a guest post about how to do it frugally? Would love to hear from you.
    If you'd like to follow me back:

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