Southern Cross Candles: "Where Wax Meets Perfection" (Blogmania sponsor)


   About Southern Cross Candles: We are an Atlanta based family owned and operated business that allows us the opportunity to do what we truly love on a full time basis. Thanks to a tremendous amount of hard work and the passion to succeed, we now have the opportunity to share what we love with you. We are blessed and extremely grateful to all of our customers who make it possible for us to continue to do what we are so passionate about. In addition to managing a small business, I am also a devoted mother and wife who truly understands and appreciates the joys and struggles of juggling both these roles while managing a small business. My true passion is making candles and bath and body products. I thoroughly enjoy talking with both new and existing customers and craft enthusiasts to share my expertise with others. We hope you enjoy our products and find just as much joy in making crafts by hand just like we have. Our vision is simple; we want our company slogan “Where Wax … [Read more...]

Orglamix Exclusive Blogmania Giveaway*closed*


Welcome to the next-generation of mineral makeup. With products made from zero synthetic ingredients,  Orglamix Cosmetics has become a huge sucess.  Orglamix is an Etsy shop that sells makeup made from 100% pure mineral. Cheri, the artisan behind Orglamix, never uses synthetic materials so you can be sure they are safe, especially for those of us with sensitive skin. Cheri says, “All Orglamix products are proudly formulated without: nano particles, bismuth oxychloride, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals or parabens. Orglamix is a proud member of PETA.”     What is more important, quality or value?  At Orglamix, they say both!  And that is exactly what you will get with every Orglamix product. Each product is of the highest quality and the greatest value compared to mega beauty brands.  The affordable prices will allow you room to try a variety of colors.  With over 200 choices, you are sure to find a few you love. According to a recent survey: 99% of … [Read more...]

Oliver’s Labels Review


Hello! I'm Debbie, owner of Oliver's Labels. Oliver, my sister Marla's son, is my inspiration for my business. When Ollie was young, Marla lived in New York City with her husband. When I would come to visit, Marla and I would go exploring the city by foot, with Ollie in his stroller. Like any young child, Ollie just loved to wiggle out of his shoes and toss them out the side of the stroller. Fortunately, we would usually notice soon enough, retrace our steps, and find his tiny shoe somewhere on the sidewalk. I knew there would be a time when we would not be so lucky. That's when I got the idea to make some simple, homemade labels with Ollie's name and phone number on them. I stuck them on his bottle, inside his shoes, and on anything else Ollie decided he was bringing with him that day. One day when I was back in my hometown (Toronto, Canada), I got a very excited phone call from Marla. “You will never believe what happened!” she exclaimed. It turned out that as usual, on … [Read more...]

Crunchy n Yummy Freeze dried fruit Review & Giveaway *closed*


When it comes to my kids, I love to show them I care by offering them healthy choices from the beginning.  I like to involve them in the process of accepting new foods.  They found it fun to make our edible collage above with Crunchy N Yummy fruit.  I would say my boys are relatively healthy eaters, but they all have their quirks.  To allow for their differences, we have a standard rule in our house "they don't have to like everything, but they have to at least try it first".  Crunchy N Yummy was a great way to continue the rule and they found new favorites.  Finding convenient, healthy snacks for your kids is not alway easy especially when you are on the go! Whenever we go anywhere, I keep gluten free foods in the car just in case options are limited and now Crunchy N Yummy will have to be added to our preferred snacks. About Crunchy n Yummy Crunchy N Yummy™ freeze-dried fruits taste great,  contain many natural vitamins, and are the perfect daily serving of flavor and … [Read more...]

Postponed – Manic Monday Mixer: One Month Anniversary!


Here's to another week of Manic Monday Mixer...Whether you need to add to your gfc, facebook, or twitter exposure, I'm glad you are here! To celebrate the unique nature of blogging, the people who sign up below me in spots 2 & 3 of each list will be my guest hosts. If you are the lucky guest hosts, send me a little about you, your blog, etc... so I can introduce you to the group! Feel free to link up in the GFC, Facebook, and/or Twitter section.  To celebrate MMM one month anniversary, I am going to be randomly choosing one participant to receive a $20 Amazon gift certificate (via email). About Me: I am a sahm of 3 boys who have helped bring out my creative side. They have taught me so much about being grateful for the little things. I love being able to share my adventures in gluten free living (both the good & frustrating), saving money, and other creative outlets. I hope you enjoy my blog. Check out my 7 current giveaways! As always, I look forward to meeting to … [Read more...]

Celebrating Love: Share, Remember, Cherish Giveaway *closed*


To me, love is in the little things... holding hands, kind words, simple gestures that come when you need them most. Celebrating Love: Share, Remember, Cherish follows Celebrating Mom in a new gift series from and founder Jim McCann. Reinforcing the and philosophy of helping customers express, connect, and celebrate, McCann balances the practical with the inspirational, and the poignant with the profound, inside this collection of authentic love stories. Full-color drawings illustrate the book throughout and are interspersed with meaningful quotes and little-known facts about love and affection. Divided into four sections based on the distinct seasons of love, Celebrating Love features 150 entries.  Don't forget to check out their current contest: "Love Note" contest on Facebook! To buy: Book can be found on: Amazon 1-800-flowers among many other locations On to the … [Read more...]

Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo Giveaway


Given the fact that it takes most women about 40 minutes or more to wash and dry their hair, not including styling and all of the other assorted tasks associated with getting ready, it's understandable that most moms can't find the time to pamper themselves.  With 3 kids, I'm lucky if I find the time to do a "quick, leaning over the tub" hair wash.  From the alternative perspective, there are those that feel the need to wash their hair everyday which is damaging to hair.  This is where it gets complicated, it is important to keep your hair clean, but you shouldn’t wash it too much as it is unhealthy. Powdered or dry shampoos are no new thing; they have actually been around since the 1970’s. Although they may be a viable alternative to showering every day, they would typically leave behind an undesirable white powdery residue. Then they started to make dry shampoos in a variety of colors to match your hair. Seems like a novel idea, however a common problem when applying these … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-Up *Blog Hop*


1.  The best thing that happened to me this week was winning a giveaway for a website.  I lack some of the know-how to get my blog more appealing, so I am so excited that someone else is handling the dirty work.  Not too mention, I rarely win anything and it makes it even better it's something I really check back around mid to late March to see the new & improved Great Contradictions! 2.  The worst thing that happened to me this week was just feeling completely helpless.  I hate feeling vulnerable and out of control especially when it comes from complications of gluten free living. 3.  The funniest thing that happened this week was my 5 year old attempting the baby conversation.  Apparently, with each of our new moves we get a new baby, Dylan asks me when we were getting another one since we had moved.  It was very hard to not laugh out loud when saying my three boys are all I need. 4.  The craziest thing that I saw/heard this week was this never ending blizzard … [Read more...]

Immunet 3.0 Review & Contest


When we bought our computer a couple of years ago,  it came installed with an anti-virus type software that I thought was good enough.  However, recently my computer has been running slow.  As well as blogging, my computer is used for online banking, shopping, educating my kids, and so much more.  Those types of activities are making me vulnerable, so when I was contacted to try Immunet I agreed. Installation was easy to do.  I immediately started a full scan.  I was amazed at how many threats I had on my computer that I didn't know about.  Since doing the full scan, I feel safer and things seem to be running smooth again.  Immunet is working hard to protect "our community". About Immunet As a next-generation security startup, Immunet provides essential antivirus protection for PC users that leverages the collective intelligence of a growing community, the speed of cloud computing, and the power of social networking to provide a groundbreaking approach to security. Immunet was … [Read more...]

Winter Wonderland Wednesday: Day 9 of Blizzard


I am getting the ultimate test of motherhood patience here in Oklahoma.  Seriously, we have been snowed in for 9 days now and the energy levels are high.  While the snow had let up some, it has returned.  We have played about every game, spent time in the snow, family cooking time, and we are getting ready to try out some new review items. Let me know beyond the normal activities, what do you do to keep sanity for all when you are snowed in (rained in, unable to leave for any reason)? See my Snow Ice Cream Recipe for one of my suggestions … [Read more...]