Lunch Time


I pride myself on my ability to encourage my family to eat healthy and delicious foods.  As babies, they all had homemade baby food.  As toddlers/children, I have encouraged them to help me choose foods and cook.  Now that Dylan has started kindergarten, the problem is that he wonders why he doesn't get the pre-packaged, processed foods all his friends eat?  Now that my baby is out of the bubble, he is seeing there are more options.  He has gotten to the point that he has been refusing lunch even his favorites.  I bought a cute Thomas the train bento-type boxes.  Let him pick out what he wants.  I know that he will figure out he has to eat; however, it is very frustrating especially when he comes home complaining he's hungry. Tomorrow I am sending him with yogurt, fruit, and granola to make his own parfait.  I am hoping for an empty lunchpail (as he refers to it).  So, let me know, what foods do you send for lunch?  Any suggestions? … [Read more...]

Officially the Start of a Wonderful Year *Giveaway*

I truly believe this is a year of new beginnings.  I am not really one to fall for the New Years Resolutions; however, I am more of a "Make the most of everyday" type of person.  Whether you are reading this because you  are attempting to get a handle on gluten free, saving money, relate to parenthood, or my thoughtful insights :)  I am glad you are here.  It is amazing how in the few months I have been dedicating myself to this blog how it has made me feel and how it has made others feel.  I feel blessed that I have an outlet to express my frustrations as well as my great finds.   I thought I would take the time to thank the readers by beginning the year with one of many great reviews/giveaways to come. On "pay it forward day" I stumbled upon Etsy seller Ninotchkab's prints.  Other than how whimsical yet down-to-earth her prints are, what intrigued me most about her was that she has "heart".  One of her prints "Have a Heart" … [Read more...]