Indie Candy: Natural, Allergen-free Candy to make Valentine’s Day special!

“Indie Candy specializes in gourmet candies that are naturally allergen free. We create our own confections in-house as well as carrying the best of the allergen free candies curently on the market, particularly those from independent makers. Since I have a serious gluten intolerance and a less serious, but no less annoying, intolerance to milk and soy plus a child with multiple food allergies/sensitivities, I am my own customer. That means that I strive to create the most delicious products available because I am the one eating them!”
~Hanson Watkins President/CEO~
No matter whether you are wanting a treat for a special occasion or just for an average day indulgence, you won’t be disappointed by these treats.  From seasonal candies to lollipops, Indie Candy is the place to go for allergen-friendly, natural candies.  Above is a picture of one of their lemon dark chocolate truffles.   I am a huge fan of lemon and dark chocolate, so it is no surprise that together it was pure perfection.  These truffles definitely replaced any desire I have for chocolate covered strawberries plus the fact that there is no concern of contamination is just an added bonus. Everything about this was delightful!  As for my husband, he was hesitant;  however, I can honestly say he enjoyed it just as much as I did.  other flavors include:  peppermint, espresso, orange, lemon, and dark chocolate truffles.
The anytime candies have had just as much thought put into them as the specialty candies and you can taste the difference. Their products are free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives; as well as, being delicious and beautiful candy made only with fruit, vegetable and spice extracts instead of artificial colors and flavors. I promise you their gummies and lollipops are like nothing I have ever tasted. You can tell that these candies are fresh especially the gummies that are soft and nothing like standard gummies.
These are the most delicate marshmallows I have ever tasted.  I was able to review the orange flavor, which had just the right combination of orange to compliment the dark chocolate covered marshmallows.  These marshmallows are also available in espresso, vanilla, and peppermint flavors.  While the lemon truffles were my favorites, these were a close second.
*Please note:  As I said these are very soft & delicate, so remove them slowly from package.
To see all that Indie Candy has to offer, click here
*Review items were provided courtesy of Indie Candy; however, no additional compensation was provided in exchange of my opinions.


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