Greetings from Gluten Free Island

Yesterday it was in the 70s here in Gluten Free Island, but later in the evening there were dark clouds…

I know a little melodramatic, but sometimes I just feel like Gluten Free living can suprise me at people’s lack of empathy.  I spent last week arranging a birthday party for my son.  I contacted a ton of places, but there was one in particular who I sent about 20 emails to that refused to quote me for no pizza/cupcakes and said no outside food even though they are unable to provide a Gluten Free option.  How can they be so insensitive?  Then, yesterday I get a last minute call about my grandma’s 91st birthday party.  I am told that if we don’t mind contaminating ourselves we can come!?!  I think that was a combination between a guilt trip and miscommunication, but that is my family.  The only way I can keep us well is if I do the meal planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning all to be part of a “family”  just to later feel isolated from that “family.  I miss those little things like Sunday dinner at my grandma’s house, so I am just going to keep trying to help bridge the gap.

So, enough of the negative…my newest goal is that everytime I am feeling down, then I will do something nice for someone else.  It is amazing how great it feels to make someone else’s day!

Let me know what you do to deal with the negative, great suggestions for what you do for others, etc…


  1. Sara says

    You'd think with food allergies being so prevalent that they'd start to realize that sometimes they need to bend the rules.

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