Riega Foods Review & Giveaway…2 winners!!

I am going to give a little insight into the lives of a 100% gluten free household. In our household, I will estimate that we are at least 75% homemade due to limitations either of quality, options available, etc… Before going gluten free, I can say without hesitation that our family was not committed to any companies. We used to be like the average consumers, shopping for the best prices to save money. The days of saving money aren’t necessarily over, but it is more of a challenge. Gluten free living requires a bit of faith in the companies claiming they are what they say they are, so my dedication to companies has increased. I wish there were more companies like the one offering this giveaway. Gluten free living doesn’t mean we deserve over-priced or lower quantities because we are on a special diet. They seem to understand Gluten free customers are for life; as a result, we are offered delicious products at affordable prices.

On to Riega Foods as a company…
*They are located in North Kansas City, Missouri, Riega Foods, LLC is a dietary health company that develops, imports, and markets great tasting and high quality foods. Riega Foods focuses on bringing unique foods to consumers with special dietary needs related to food allergies, medical issues or health concerns.
*When a person has special dietary needs it is important to know what is in your food and where it is made. That is why we fully disclose all ingredients and clearly list what other common allergens causing ingredients are used in the facilities where our foods are made. With the Riega brand we even give you a quick reference stamp in the upper right hand corner of our packaging. This stamp quickly lets you know if our foods are appropriate for you.
*Riega Foods understands that those with gluten intolerance need lower levels of gluten in their food than the FDA currently allows. That is why we will not sell a single product labeled as gluten free that is not tested and confirmed to contain less than 20 ppm of gluten.

As for the products…

The cereal boxes are 13.25 oz, which is larger than most other GF
boxed cereals (most are 9 to 11 oz).  We live on cereal at our house (breakfast, snacks, bread crumb substitutions, etc…). I love that with Riega Foods we can get more for our money of their great quality cereals.  These cereals taste like the gluten versions meaning those new to gluten free can appreciate the replica of their old favorites.
My 3 boys loved the Choco Stars cereal.  I appreciate that these are not like all other gluten free kids cereals.  Hunter has been eating gluten free since age 6 mos.  He has never had “fun” kids cereal since most gf brands have standard square, o’s, or sphere shaped cereal.  At first he was hesitant to try these, because he claimed it was not cereal.  In the end, he loved the flavor and the shape.  The sugar is lower than normal sugary kid cereal, but not so low kids don’t enjoy it:)
*hint hint* to gluten free companies:  gluten free kids like fun shapes, too!
The cheese sauces retail for $1.39 to $1.49 per packet,
but people should be able to find them on sale regularly.
Amazon sells them by the case about $1.09/each packet
This typically means you can purchase one packet of cheese
and combine with your favorite gf pasta and still spend
less than buying one box of Annie’s GF Mac & Cheese.
Above is a picture of my macaroni & chz using yellow cheddar mix and Tinkyada pasta.  As you can see, this mix helped me to create a creamy yet convenient dish for my family.  These cheese packets can be used so many different ways:  on pasta, rice, veggies, or any way you would like!

Here is a simply delicious recipe provided by Riega Foods:

Cheesy Mexican Rice:

~1 Cup Brown Rice
~1/2 Small White/Yellow Onion – Chopped
~1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
~Dash Pepper & Salt
~1/2 Cup Favorite Salsa
~1 1/2 Cup Water
~1/2 Cup Frozen Corn
~1 pack Riega White Cheese Sauce Mix (Yellow or Pepper Jack would work)

Place medium sauce pan on medium/medium high heat. Add oil, onion,
brown rice, pepper and salt then saute for about 3 minutes. Do not
brown onion or rice (only sweat them together). Add favorite salsa,
water, and corn then stir and bring to boil. Turn down to low, cover
and stir occasionally to avoid sticking. Cook until rice is tender
and water is approximately 90% absorbed (about 15 minutes). You may
need to add in slight amount of water as you cook the dish. When rice
is to desired tenderness you want it to be pretty moist, then remove
from heat, add Riega Cheese Sauce, mix and serve. The addition of the
cheese sauce will add a creaminess to the dish and absorb the extra water.

To find more great products (or where to buy them), click here

On to the Giveaway…

Thanks to Riega Foods I will have 2 winners!  4 boxes of cereal (cornflakes, multi-grain, coffee flakes, and choco stars) & 8 cheese sauce mix packets for each winner will be chosen by Random.org

*To enter:  Let me know in the comment section:
what your favorite Riega Food product is (or one you are excited to try)?
Additional 1 Entry:  Become a Google follower of my blog & comment that you are following me!
Additional 1 (daily) entry: tweet and comment with tweet url
Enter to #win Riega Food Prize Pack from @hippie_mom ends Jan. 31 http://bit.ly/i4Emeh #giveaway #contest

*Giveaway entries must be received by January 31, 2011 no later than 11:59 pm (central) to be eligible and open to United States residents
*Please make sure contact information is available, so I can find you if you win!

*Note: Riega Foods provided the products for review and giveaway, but I have provided my own opinions of the company/product with no further compensation from Riega Foods.

Long-Grain Brown Rice on FoodistaLong-Grain Brown Rice


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  1. CSA Chapter 119 says:

    Coffee flakes sound really good! Can't wait to give them a try! I have never heard of such a thing but they sound yummy…

  2. I'd love to try the Pepper Jack Cheese Sauce!
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  5. skytoucher says:

    My doctor just advised me to go gluten free, and I am feeling improvement in many different ways. However, I am having difficulty finding products that are truly GF and yet reasonable in price. Thanks for the intro to the Riega Foods site. The Pepper Jack cheese site sounds intriguing, and I love the brown rice products. The cheese packets look like they would make life easier, which is half the battle of living GF.

  6. mom2calebnmicah says:

    Our youngest son is completely gluten intolerant, as well as a host of other allergies. We are so excited to know of another brand that offers promise in the area of taste and quality! We are so excited to try the choco stars (and Mommy is really intrigued by the coffee flakes!).

    Thanks for sharing your situation on your blog. It has meant so much to me with a toddler who cannot eat what the rest of us are accustomed to eating. Please keep the posts coming! I look forward to reading them!!!

  7. ladydi115 says:

    The coffee flakes sound awesome, I'd love to try those. thanks.


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    id like to try the alfredo cheese sauce crystletellerday@yahoo.com

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    I'd love to try the Tomato-Basil Crispbreads!
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    I am actually excited about trying the corn flakes!


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  27. My favorite is the Choco Stars cereal.

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    Benevit MultiGrain cereal

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    Would love to try cheese sauce – especially pepper jack, which both my celiac husband and 3 year old daughter with celiac love!

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