Preparing for the Holidays

While preparing for the holidays, I always feel a sense of isoation.  We have a celebration at home, so we can have all the christmas traditions gluten free.   As for stepping out of our bubble, there are the people who say they are not inviting us because it is an inconvenience and the people who have unofficially elected me do all of the grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.  Speaking of, I am way behind schedule on my shopping and cooking for Christmas :)  As Hunter gets older, I refuse to let him see how cruel people can be.  It scares me that if this is how our family treats our son, then how can we expect the rest of the world to accept him.  It is so frustating feeling all that added work and pressure; however, there are many cases that if I did not take charge, we would be left out.  Everyday I am thankful for Hunter.  After 21 years of chronic migraines, I am relieved of them.  I have a son who has taught me how strong I can be.  Hunter has helped teach his older brother compassion for those unlike him.  Because of Hunter we are all more conscience of the food we eat.   The hardest part is that I feel like gluten free is what Hunter is associated with not what an amazing person he is constantly evolving into.  I don’t understand why people can’t understand how insensitve they can be toward something that is so life altering for our entire family.  How do you manage the holidays?

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