Pay it forward day!

Today is pay it forward day. I highly encourage participation because that feeling of helping others is priceless. This task does not require a huge effort just kindness. Kindness sometimes seems lost when society seems filled with angry, impatient, fill-in-your-own-words people. As for me, our family has adopted a family from our local domestic violence shelter. Christmas for a family who's christmas list is more needs than wants helps put things into perspective. if you are needing suggestions that help your christmas list and desire to help others...then look no further than etsy. Today etsy is amazing to see so many people paying it forward. one seller ninotchkab is donating all profits from "have a heart" print to postpartum support Other sellers are offering low prices, pay only listing fee, &/or shipping fees. go to and search pif or pay it forward. I found bath salts, vintage Christmas napkins, … [Read more...]