Making new family traditions

When we embark on something new such as gluten free living, I think part of the issues stem from past family traditions. We did not begin our gluten free journey until our first son was about 3 and our second was 9 mos. old. I am trying to recreate for the first what is familiar while trying to keep the other healthy; however, anyone on this journey is aware that is no small task. In the past, we would occasionally go out to eat for breakfast especially McDonald playgrounds. We tried to just get yogurt parfaits (without the granola of course) yet the contamination always occurred. These days we go pick up breakfast (mcdonald parfait, gluten free muffins, or donuts) and take it to one of the many parks. It has become a healthier tradition that we all can look forward to each week. Once we were able to address what all of our boys felt like they were missing out on, then we were able to modify our old traditions to fit our new life. As for the donuts, I highly reccommend Kinnikinnick donuts straight out of the freezer. They have maple, vanilla, and chocolate frosted donuts as well as a cinnamon-sugar coated donut. Check out Kinnikinnick’s website to see all of their great products here

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