The Good, the bad, & the Moldy Cookie

In the limited world of gluten free, why does it feel like customer service is a lost idea? I realize that poor customer service goes well beyond gluten free; however, I hate that with our few options either we are provided good quality or good customer service. Why can’t we have both? An example of a company that goes above and beyond for us is Chipotle. While our eating out has decreased over the last few years, we are constantly reminded by Chipotle that successful gluten free restaurant visits are possible. Our local Chipotle acknowledges our needs and goes well beyond for us. The friendly employees change their gloves, get fresh lettuce/cheese, and are very cautious of the situation. Check out Chipotle if you haven’t already. Then, there are those times a company knocks you down. We came home from the grocery store with a bag of new, homemade looking cookies that smelled so delicious. We saved them for dessert making a big deal about the special treat. When dessert arrived, we opened up a bag of cookies that were covered in mold. With 3 boys, I am sure you can imagine the disappointment. That very night I took pictures of the cookies and sent the company copies. To my suprise, it took the company almost a month to respond. While the company did send us a replacement and apologize, I dislike having to deal with customer service after a bad experience. The point is as a community we should not have to suffer through moldy cookies just because we have limitations.  We deserve to have companies like Chipotle who make us feel accepted.


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